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Is React Native Good For Mobile App Development?

awsltin - September 27, 2017 - 0 comments

React Native App development is the latest business these days. With the invention of smartphones and applications, we have so many advancements in the overall routine. From entertainment to information and even socialization, we have a number of applications available. With the help of artificial intelligence interface and other tools these applications helps to make life better and easy.

React native is an open source framework that is use to develop mobile application. The framework helps to develop applications on fast track and cheap basis for the targeted platforms. It is the most popular and easy to use framework of JavaScript based on Js and React, Js library for creating UL and more. Moreover, it is known for its positive features that help to develop a number of applications with ease. The interface is not new; in fact, there are a number of popular applications were developed using this framework. Uber Eats, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Salesforce, Wix, Bloomberg, Walmart, Vogue, KFC are the applications based on react native.

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Benefits Of React Native For Enterprise App Development

The use of react native is recommended for the professionals and the initial developers as well. Therefore, it comes up with a whole set of benefits. These benefits help the developers to look into matters keenly and develop applications with an ease.

1. Community support

In case, if you are facing an issue with the development of application using react native, you can access the community help instantly. There are support agents available that can help you with the issues and barriers related to the development.

2. Pre-built templates

One of the major benefits comes with the react native is you are not going to write up the codes repeatedly. However, all you need it to access the pre-built templates and components and can go ahead with the app development. Moreover, it lets you to reuse the codes as per convenience. It saves time for the mega project in abundance. The development companies can make things even smooth with the help of these components and codes.

3. Declarative coding style

The coding style explains the programmer about what needs to be done instead of how to do it. Additionally, it provides a set pattern for the coding to achieve the results. Moreover, it highlights any kind of error in the overall coding and combinations.

4. Ready to use libraries and solutions

The react native comes up with the ready to use libraries and solutions for the effective app development. It helps the developers to make some of the extensive and effective progress in their developing skills. Even for the beginners it is easy to access these resources and get the best of results in the final product as well.

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How React-Native Applications Aid In Reaching the Market Quicker

The react native applications helps you to reach the best of market in no time as it reduce the app development time overall. Following are the major quick jobs that reach native offers you:


  1. Saving time by providing best templates
  2. Ideal to work for the bulk projects
  3. Support the reuse of codes
  4. Built in library lets you to access the multiple resources
  5. Easy to use even for the beginners
  6. Helps to build easy interface high end user applications
Hire AWSolutions to build their mobile apps and digital products

Five Biggest Factors That Will Affect Your App Development Costs In 2019

React native is not only friendly to use but it helps you to save cost in the app development. It is not necessary for you to access the professional developer for good results. In fact, you can have the best app development with react native. It not only saves the cost but also offers you unlimited options in the package. Following are the major factors that help you with cost efficiency in app development.

1. No need of professional

The major expense of the mobile application development is the application developer. It boosts your cost to develop an application when you are looking for a professional app developer. In fact, with react native framework you do not need to hire up a professional or expert. Even a beginner can handle the development procedure with basic knowledge and practice. All the tools, codes, presets and plugins are there to help with the overall development procedure.

2. Available presets

React native is the future of mobile application development. You are easy to go with the best of options already available in the framework already. Using the presets for the applications, you are good to go with the best of applications and basic frames as well. It does not take so much time to understand the coding and settings. In fact, you can make all the changes and amendments as per choices in these presets.

3. Built in libraries

There are built in libraries available in the framework that helps you to go through the presets, codes and resources. These resources help in developing multiple kinds of applications and add features to them. It lets you to have the one-hand functions in the resources. With a few clicks, you can have the best of codes, themes, presets and plugins in the libraries to access. Eventually, it will put your app development on fast track and gives you a one hand easy to go experience.

4. Extensive third party plugins

Sometimes, you may not be able to get some features in react native but even for them, you do not have to look into the other resources. The framework offers the third party plugins that helps you to access multiple features. These third party plugins makes your job easy and quick. Moreover, it saves cost, as you do not have to buy another resource.

5. Reusable codes

In developing the multiple applications, you do not have to write codes every time. The framework offers you to reuse the codes in multiple applications. With the help of these sets of codes, you can develop the quick applications easily. All you need is to define the codes and type of application. With a little alteration, you will be able to have the application ready.

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